Pristine Clean is an independent, locally-owned cleaning service based in Asheville, North Carolina. Our cleaning company was founded by a social worker and father who designed a professional, ecologically-responsible service from a personal commitment to protecting our precious environment – both inside and outside the home.

Now with more than 100,000 jobs successfully serviced and over ten years of professional experience, commercial and residential, Pristine Clean Asheville remains dedicated to offering the highest quality service in the industry – safe for children, pets, the Earth and you!

Our team is dedicated to revolutionizing the cleaning and janitorial industry by providing our valued customers with a safe and natural alternative. Delicate systems in our bodies can be easily aggravated by the toxic chemicals found in most common household products, and chemical sensitivities are a problem that many people face. Pristine Clean believes that toxic chemicals do not belong in our homes or anywhere on the face of our precious planet. We feel that it is no longer a mere luxury to use eco-smart products but a responsibility we all share in order to shield our children, pets, loved ones – and the environment – from the harmful effects of these toxic chemicals. Pristine Clean is therefore committed to revolutionizing our industry, providing a safe and natural alternative using our very own non-toxic, biodegradable, ph- balanced and non–corrosive cleaning products.

The vision for an ecologically-responsible cleaning service in Asheville was discovered when Craig Childs began volunteering time to “reset” his clients’ homes to greener, healthier environments. He was shocked by the rapid emotional, behavioral and physical improvements observed in the lives of his clients as a result of his work. Pristine Clean was founded in Asheville as a personal endeavor to enrich the lives of others via the cultivation of healthy living spaces.

Pristine Clean Asheville is passionate about revolutionizing our service industry and providing our clients with the highest quality service available while leaving the smallest footprint upon the Earth as possible. But our commitment to the environment extends beyond merely utilizing our very own high-quality, professional-strength, non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products, reducing our waste and boosting the local green economy. We’re also dedicated to greener business practices on all fronts.